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Insurance covers your shipment against loss or damage. We provide free cover up to a value of £50 (£25 for our Evri, Landmark Global and USPS services), along with options for higher value shipments.

Please note: Regardless of which insurance option you choose, you will still need to pack your parcel securely.It is your responsibility to ensure that your packaging is suitable for transit.Parcels may be stacked or pass through automated sorting facilities that use conveyor belts and chutes. Orientation (i.e. “this way up”) is not guaranteed.

Please take a moment to refer to our packaging guidance.




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Term & Condition

The information below outlines the terms and conditions of our insurance policy. Please take care to read the policy in full.

1. What cover will my consignment have?

Our cover protects you against loss or damage of your consignment in transit, up to the maximum value declared in your policy, provided that you satisfy the conditions of making a claim. The value declared to be insured must be the total value of the goods being shipped.

In the event of partial loss or damage, the settlement figure will be calculated as a proportion of the total declared value.

Our insurance does not give cover for losses incurred by delay.

Tip: Before sending your shipment, take photos of the shipment and its packaging. These photos can be used as evidence and speed up the claims process in the event of damage.

2. How is the cost of my premium calculated?

All services except Evri, Landmark Global and USPS

All consignments are covered free of charge against loss or damage up to a maximum of £50 per consignment (not per box), or 2SDR per kg.

A minimum premium of £5 applies for goods valued between £50 and £250.

For consignments worth £250-£2500, the premium is calculated at 2% of the declared value of your consignment.

The maximum value of cover we provide is £2500 per consignment.


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Term & Condition

High-value insurance £2500+

For goods valued above £2500, you can insure your goods with Chaucer. This option will be made available aby sending email to us.

Please note: this is suitable for businesses/commercial goods only.

The value declared to be insured must be the total value of the goods being shipped. In the event of a claim, if the goods are not covered for the full value, any claim will be reduced by the percentage of underinsurance.

This page is intended for general guidance only. Please download here for the complete list of terms and conditions.